m.data fihrist


Araştırma- Makale

atonal müzik

bass & drum mix
bas ve bas sesler
EQ ile referans tonlama (ing.)
frekans tablosu
gerçekte ses varmıdır?
kulak hassasiyet tablosu
vücudun enerji alanları (çakra dengeleyici müzikler)
renk frekans nota ilişkisi

musical notes color correspondences in the visible spectrum of light

müzikal bilgi

all blues (theme, imp., licks)
Altered Scale Solo Over C Minor Blues
autumn leaves (rootless chord)
a to z re-harmonize chords
bebop imp.
blue bossa study
blues changes
blues voicings
blues (with chords)
bluesette (for bass)

chords, notation, on the scale
chord solo
chord melody
chord melody exam
chord melody blues
dim7 chords
4 bars of the turnaround
gypsy jazz triads
Gm blues
improvisation (stella by starlight – g.benson)
jazzBlues (with chords)
jazzguitar solo (after you’ve gone)
jazzfunk licks

Jeff Porcaro
lick’ler (II V I)
lick’ler (bebop)
lick’ler (g.benson)
lick’ler (major)
lick’ler (melodic minor)
lick’ler (sunny)
maiden voyage (chords)
minor pentatonic scale
pat metheny licks
playing with chords (georgia on my mind)
playing with chords (j.pass)
playing with chords (satin doll)
play with minor chords
rhythm changes & imp
so what (imp.)
summertime ( solo in harmonic minor)
the chicken j.pastorius
7 modes of the C major scale
solar (emp.)
unit 7 (sam jones)
Watermelon Man (emp.)
10 classic amp settings
6string bass (24fret)

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